Philip Rosenthal-Email-Euthanasia

Dear Cape Times Editor

I note that Sean Davison and his associates at Dignity SA have failed to
answer the repeated public question posed to him at the UCT Bioethics
symposium and in a letter published in the Cape Times and in a follow up
email below on 21 October 2015.  The euthanasia issue will be back in the
news in early 2016 when the Stransham-Ford appeal is heard.  Central to the
motivation by Dignity SA is that if legalised, there would be ‘strict
controls’ on euthanasia.  Nevertheless, Sean Davison has admitted to
violating his own proposed criteria twice (as a non-medical practitioner and
in the second case for someone not terminally ill). Your newspaper reported
he may have done so a third time, an allegation he has now four times
refused to confirm or deny.  The question that the court and the public must
ask, is how Davison and Dignity SA expect such ‘strict controls’ to be
enforced if he fails to comply with his own proposed controls himself?

The only part answer we have from him is the opinion piece published 31 May
in the Cape Argus, in which he states that a ‘slippery slope’ is not
necessarily bad, for example in the gradual extension of voting rights.  But
then really the talk about ‘strict controls’ is just to dupe the South
African public and the court.

Davison has got a lot of publicity in the media, but he has persistently
dodged real debate with the anti-euthanasia opposition leadership – who are
not getting equal space in the media.  I challenge him to answer me in the
letters column of the Cape Times or answer me in a talk radio debate.  If he
won’t do that, then he loses his credibility as a leader.

Yours sincerely,

Philip Rosenthal
ChristianView Network